Monday, December 7, 2009

Pictures from the weekend!

Well us Springer sisters are completely exhausted from our 2 shows this last weekend.  Now back to the daily grind (which our hubbies are happy about).  With a few sleepless nights we were abe to pull off a successful holiday show here at Waddell Creek Rustics and at The Country Chicks holiday show.  If you missed out this last weekend and would like to set up an appointment please feel free to contact Wendy at 360.943.5005.  The Shop will be set up through Christmas for any last minute holiday shoppers. 
Otherwise we will see you in the Spring Thyme! 
Happy Holidays and thank you for a great year!
Wendy, Stacy, and Jill

Love this new hutch!!!

Cash Man hanging out in our booth at the Elma Fairgrounds Show!